Golden Balls game and game theory

November 7, 2013


This shit is fuckin interesting man. Hard to get my head around, but really interesting.

November 4, 2013

Some points on the water table.

At first it seemed like some mythical concept I learned about in year nine geography, that somehow contributes to salinity, but from gardening I’ve learned some things about it.

The water table is basically a body of water which is soaked in the ground. The soil acts as a sponge to hold the water in, and it rests above a layer of hard rock which is has trouble getting through. So basically the soil acts as a reservoir of water which can be tapped into via wells, plants, etc.

This water can be depleted by plants. From experience, I can tell you that plants in pots dry out extremely quickly. For instance I have a foam container with a single sunflower plant in it. All the holes in the container are plugged, and I put grass mulch on the top to prevent it drying out from direct sunlight, so the only thing which dries out the soil in the pot is transpiration from the plant’s leaves. In summer I dump a bucket of water into the container every two days and the sunflower plant still dries out. Plants go through a LOT of water! This is why I prefer to plant plants directly into the ground, because the water table will replenish the supply.

If the water table is too high, it contributes to salinity. The water contains dissolved minerals including salt. Irrigation from agriculture can raise the water table so high it reaches the topsoil layer, depositing salt there all the time, which causes major problems because once you create salinity it is very hard to get rid of it. Prevention is key. One method of doing that is to plant large trees here and there on the farmland. The deep roots of the tree sucks out the excess water and releases it into the atmosphere.

November 2, 2013

I now realise the effectiveness of the hook as a punch. I thought that the hook had too short of a range and was hard to recover from after throwing it. In terms of range I preferred the cross, and biomechanically I liked the uppercut as it felt I could deliver a lot of power.

However I watched a video of knockouts in slow motion and I noticed almost all of the knockouts were from hooks to the chin, especially when the opponent was caught off guard so that he could not adequately prepare for it. Just trying to gently push my chin from the side, my whole head rotates easily. I can see that punching that chin with the full force of a full grown male could have disastrous consequences, probably even fatal. Its almost like breaking your neck while at the same time rotating your brain inside your skull.

By comparison. although the cross and uppercut might deliver similar amounts of power, the fact that the structure of the head opposes the direction of force these punches produce reduces its effectiveness. The muscles of your neck opposes those blows, but the ones which oppose the hook are very weak.

To protect against this I think you should keep your chin tucked at all times and remember to keep your guard up. Also be cognisant of where your enemy is going to hit at all times. Being hit by a punch while caught off guard is much worse than being hit by the same punch when you’re prepared.

Quick guide to using Endnote X6

October 10, 2013

–          Open up endnote and click file>new and make a new library

–          Go to usyd library website, find whatever journal article it is

–          On the site of the journal article try to find a link that says ‘export citation’

–          Export the citation in RIS file format and open the file using endnote.

–          Open word

–          In endnote click on the ‘format bibliography’ icon and change the style to whatever you need e.g Harvard.

–          Go back to your reference list, click on the reference you want to make an in-line citation, then click the ‘insert citation’ icon.

–          In word it should automatically insert an in-line citation where your cursor is, and add the reference to the citation list at the bottom of the page.

I am a fucking funny cunt.

October 7, 2013


August 10, 2013

To Failure doesn’t mean giving up at your first moderately-hard rep. It means pushing like there’s a gun to your head

It’s the last rep that makes all the difference – that last rep that you can’t complete no matter how hard you push, THAT’s the one that triggers your body’s muscle growth response. Every rep leading up to that should just be considered a warmup for it.

RotMG tips

July 20, 2013

Here is a text file outlining the main lessons and tips I’ve learned in rotmg during my approx 1/2 year of playing. It doesn’t have EVERYTHING I learned, because there would be too much to write. But hopefully if I tell you this, it will make the learning process a bit less painful. This guide is designed for beginning to mid-level players (the people in my guild).

1. At its core, rotmg is a risk management game. This is probably the most important lesson I’ve learned. You should always try to minimise your risk and balance the risks with the rewards. For example, if you’re facing a dangerous boss or dungeon, be on your guard. If you’re considering rushing a dungeon, stop to think ‘is it really worth it to save 1 minute but risk dying and losing all the pots I spend hours to farm?’. If you see a pot bag in godlands but its surrounded by gods, is it really worth it to run to it and risk dying? etc, etc. Don’t make stupid decisions and risk your life for tiny rewards.

2. Always keep an eye on your HP. Don’t let it get under 70%, or if you’re more experienced, 50%. If it does, stand back and heal/regen or drink some HP pots. 70% might seem like a lot of HP, but it can disappear within a millisecond if you eat a few shotguns. Having more HP provides a buffer that gives you enough time to nexus.

3. If you’re not doing it already, use off-centre mode and screen rotate. Using centred mode is like blinding yourself. You definitely need the longer vision so you can dodge and aim properly.

4. Skills>equips/pots. It doesn’t matter how many pots you drank or how powerful your equipment is, if you don’t have skill you’re going to eat a shotgun and die. Focus on acquiring skill and experience before potting up. It sucks when you spend ages potting up, then you die cause you suck at the game.

5. Get the most out of your pots. You have to balance between drinking pots or buying equipment with it. For example, If I had six def pots, would you rather buy one abyssal armour (costs 6 def), or buy a vengeance armour (1 def) and drink the 5 remaining def? Abyssal armour has 23 def but vengeance has 22, so is it worth it? Going up a tier of equipment increases the cost by a lot, but only increases the power by a little. People only upgrade their equipment when there is no other way to improve or to show off.

6. Always have some pots and equipment stored away so that in case you die you can instantly rebuild. Lets face it: playing unpotted sucks. Its dangerous, time consuming and unrewarding.

7. What if you have no pots? You should play a class which is good when unpotted. If you have no pots, you cannot rely on defense to protect you, so distance and healing are your best buddies. That means staff and wand classes are the best to play when unpotted. Priest has a cheap and reliable heal, but I find the DPS to be annoying low. Necromancer is quite a good choice as it has both good DPS and the ability. Wizard can deal huge amounts of damage if you sweetspot the spell: this involves aiming the spell at the hitbox of the enemy (which is usually at the enemy’s feet) so that all shots hit. If you can’t sweetspot then just use necro because the unpotted stats are the same. Bow, dagger and sword classes are not as good when unpotted as they have to get close to the enemy to attack, which leaves them vulnerable to getting hit. You should choose your battles, and choosing anything besides a wand or staff class is just making things harder for yourself.

8. You have to balance drinking pots with the risk of dying. Drinking pots helps keep your character alive and gives him more damage so you can get more pots quicker, but there is a risk that you’ll die and lose everything. The best thing to do would be to max defense right at the start, but this isn’t always possible. You might have to max dex before def so that maxing def doesn’t take ten billion years.

9. If you have no pots and find yourself dying all the time, if might help if you create new accounts just to use the free revive (using the free revive is called using a ‘kabammy’). This will help you build up your pots and gain skill without suffering the setback of dying.

10. When you have gained about 20 def pots, you should take a look at potting up a different character so you can farm more effectively. Don’t think about drinking any pots unless you can keep your character alive for a decent amount of time, otherwise you’ll die and be back to square one. The wizard is still a good choice as it has good range combined with sick DPS. The archer/huntress is good at godlands farming if you have a doom bow/coral bow. A rogue can rush sprite worlds and UDLs extremely quickly and you can flip the dex/wis pots on the market for other things you need. Assassin is good for getting SB damage on events/bosses, but the only problem is waiting for them to appear. Melee characters are good at running the lucrative abysses and can compete with others for soulbound damage on bosses. I recommend paladin if you’re going to abyss (lava damage ignores armour and its boost allows you to one-hit kill abyss monsters) alot or knight if you’re going to stay in godlands a lot (it can tank hits). When you get to this stage, the game becomes a lot more fun.

11. Don’t think about feeding your pet unless it has heal and MP heal as the first and second ability. All the other abilities are shit. Humanoid eggs are good because they always have Heal as the first ability. If its possible, get paralyse as the third ability.

Extra reading: (good guide to everything) (this one is very good, teaches you important lessons the previous one doesn’t teach)

I just got this wild idea of baking

June 2, 2013

I just got this wild idea of baking cream pies and going up to a girl saying ‘hey you want me to give you a cream pie’ and they’ll be like ‘ew get the freak away from me pervert’ and then i’ll fish out this little pie filled with cream from behind my back and then they’ll be like ‘oh you so funny’

Sometimes I even surprise myself with my intelligence.

Interesting snippets from WWII psychological illnesses paper

May 27, 2013

I’ve never dumpster dived for food, but I often pick up things like wood and metal from the roadside as it comes in handy when I want to build things. I also sometimes look in recycling bins for paper which has only been printed on one side, as I can use it for printing and writing notes and its going to be chucked out anyway. For the whole of first year I did ALL of my lecture notes and homework on the back of scrap paper (this year I’ve done it on thrown out lab books with the used pages ripped out). Sometimes I’ve found interesting things, including an internal manuscript on how to ‘control the behaviour of lebanese students’ when I was in high school. Recently I picked up a huge stack of photocopies of what appears to be some kind of declassified research from 1945 into how to get American soldiers suffering from psychological illness as a result of battle back on the field. Theres some pretty interesting shit in here and I’ll note down some interesting tidbits here as I read through it (its pretty huge).

Man develops confidence by coping with situations. Placed in a sutation he can’t handle, he gradually lsoes confidence, loses sense of security, and thus develops and neurosis.


Sad plight of one of the sergeants here; he complains everybody can get it except him. He is of Italian parentage and has the misfortune of being able to talk Italian. As soon as the girls learned this they flocked to him, tell him all their troubles, ask whats going to happen to their prison sweetheart of husband. But when he starts something they climb on his dignity and ask him what kind of girl he thinks they are anyway. The GI’s on the other hand, walk to the the gals and say, “Fucky, fucky! Candy!” and off they go in the bushes.


Citrus tree tactical defense strategy

May 24, 2013

The friend of my enemy is my enemy: Use vaseline on sticky tape wrapped around the trunks of trees to prevent ants from climbing up the tree. Rape ant nests using chemicals and boiling water.

The shroud of war: Wrap trees in window gauze when the first signs of borer appear to prevent borer moths from landing and laying eggs.

But they will never take our wee-dom: Fertilise trees in late winter to encourage vigourous growth in early spring, which is growth that tends to avoid the first waves of damage.


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